WatchSeries - Your Favorite Streaming Website

WatchSeries is a very popular streaming website that's visited by millions of people monthly, all of them being here looking to watch the best movies and series online free in Full HD quality without advertisement. We know that many of you visited one of WatchSeries's websites at least a few times before but you probably still don't know the most important informations about this website and it's satellites. There are maybe tens of streaming websites at the moment that are using WatchSeries brand name in order to attract more and more visitors which is basically a scam because there is only one original WatchSeries website and you are on it right now.

This part of our text is more of an about section of the website so everyone who wants can understand more about WatchSeries story and purpose. In the next paragraph we will explain you in detail what determined us to create this free streaming platform where everyone can enjoy their favorite movies and tv shows. Until then, don't forget to always pay attention to the website that you are visiting and avoid being scammed by fake websites. WatchSeries - the original website - is only one and you are seeing it right now.

Why WatchSeries-HD.Com ???

It's been more than 10 years since we first created WatchSeries as a standalone streaming website which had the purpose to serve everyone who was in need of a good source of movies and series that can be watched online for free, without many time-consuming processes like registration, credit cards or downloads. Even if our story has been untold since then, we didn't stop a moment thinking about it and we even shared it on limited circles with some of the website's fans.

Behind WatchSeries, there is a team of a few enthusiasts programmers that have been here ever since the beginning and are not planning to leave any time soon. At that time, about a decade ago, we found ourselves in a situation when we wanted to watch a movie and there was no place to do it, except the television and the cinema. Both TV and cinema had their downs, mostly because they used to cost a ton of money and they forced you to be there at a certain hour or place.

We wanted to watch movies and series for free on our laptops at any hour, without having to leave the house, pay a signifiant amount for a cinema ticket and so on. At that moment, the torrents were the only solution that was quite close to what we needed but the download speed was way slower back then than it is today so you had to prepare a few hours before you could watch.

When it comes to tv shows it was even worse, because downloading hundreds of episodes took an eternity to download and a lot of storage space on your device that was already limited back then. That's how we came to the idea to create the WatchSeries platform, a place where everyone could watch unlimited movies and series without being necessary to create an account, to make a one-time payment or even worse, a subscription, and so on. We started to publish new movies and shows everyday and people started to discover our website, this is how WatchSeries made the first steps into the online streaming world.

Back then, our competition was pretty low and there were only a few more streaming websites that were based on a similar idea with ours, for example 123Movies. Years have passed and we had to solve a lot of problems to keep the WatchSeries website up and running so people could keep enjoy all their favorite movies and tv shows online for free from the comfort of their homes.

Now we are happy to announce that WatchSeries is standing still stronger than ever, it has probably the biggest database of movies from the whole internet and it can definitely be your favorite streaming website. Once you visit WatchSeries, there is no way you are going back to your other streaming platforms because here you can find anything you ever wanted in terms of online streaming.